Karen Walker-Flynn is the Clerk to 16 Wardell Chambers.

Karen is one of Sydney’s best known and longest serving barristers' clerks. Karen has served the legal profession for over 35 years in a variety of roles. She was Chief Clerk at 5th Floor Wentworth Chambers for 20 years prior to being appointed to 16 Wardell Chambers in 2009. Karen’s extensive experience and strong work ethic are of great benefit to Chambers. She manages all aspects of 16 Wardell Chambers including the administration of her barristers practice. Any enquiries regarding the Chambers or availability of her barristers to give advice, appear in Court or attend conferences should be directed to Karen.

Karen can also assist in-house and corporate counsel with further information on the briefing the barristers direct.

Karen Walker-Flynn
16th Floor Wardell Chambers
16/39 Martin Place
DX 379 Sydney

T: +61 2 9231 3133
E: clerk@16wardell.com.au
F: +61 2 9233 4164
M: 0414 759 675