Robert Ellicott QC

Called to the Bar in 1950


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[Fax] 0292334164

Areas of Practice


Admitted to Queens Counsel 1964  


Previous occupation or roles:


May 1969 to November 1973: Commonwealth Solicitor General


1970 to 1974: Australian Delegate to United Nations Commission on International Trade Law


May 1974: Elected as a member of the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament


1975 to 1977: Commonwealth Attorney-General


1977 to 1981: Commonwealth Minister for Home Affairs (including responsibility for arts, sport, women’s affairs and external territories)


1977 to 1980: Minister for the Capital Territory


1979 to 1981: Established the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra


1980 to 1981: Minister for Home Affairs and the Environment


1981 to 1983: Judge of the Federal Court of Australia


1986 to 1996: Member of several panels of arbitrators in arbitrations relating to the value of and other issues concerning oil and gas produced off-shore Australia


1995 to date: Judge of the Court of Arbitration for Sport established by International Olympic Committee at Lausanne


1998 – 2002: Judge of Ad Hoc Divisions of Court of Arbitration for Sport Commonwealth Games Kuala Lumpur (1998), Sydney Olympics (2000) and the Winter Olympics (Salt Lake City) (2002).


2000 to date: Judge of the Oceania Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport


2007 to date: Member of the Council of the National Judicial College of Australia as the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s representative.


Particular cases


1973: Appeared in the International Court of Justice as Counsel for Australia in the Nuclear Test Case


1986 to date: Acted as arbitrator and as counsel in number of arbitrations


Mid 1990s to date: Acted as mediator frequently in more recent times and have acted as counsel in mediations on numerous occasions

Numerous High Court, Federal Court and Supreme Court cases as counsel